Day 29: Quetico Park, ON to Thunder Bay, ON

Day 29: Quetico Park, ON to Thunder Bay, ON

Off to the big city – Thunder Bay (population of 108,000)! Ok, not THAT big, but considering the villages that I’ve been visiting in the past few days it’s huge! What I’m most looking forward to about Thunder Bay isn’t the city itself, but actually that I’ll get to sleep indoors! It’s been over a month since I’ve had a roof over my head, so it is a welcomed change to have my own bed.

Leaving Quetico, it was a 167km ride with no real amenities until reaching the city. Northern Ontario has vast stretches of road, with very spares civilization between major stops. Between those stops, are lots and lots of Lakes! The one to top it all off is of course Lake Superior, which happens to be why Thunder Bay exists. The city is the main hub for shipping traffic that is carried westwards through the Great Lakes.

But before I get carried away with Lake Superior, there were a few attractions on along the way to note. The first being the Atlantic / Arctic Watershed Divide – sister to the continental divide on the BC/Alberta border (home to the Pacific / Atlantic/Arctic watershed divide). At an elevation of 506 meters – all water traveling westwards drains into the Arctic Ocean, similarly all water traveling eastwards drains into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s official, I’m not slowly sailing to the Atlantic Ocean now! Sadly, there was no stream which splits into two, so the only attraction was a sign. Below you’ll find the sign for the Atlantic side and the Arctic side.

The next attraction, at roughly 70km was the timezone change – I am now in the Eastern Timezone. This timezone extends from Northern Ontario all the way to the boarder of New Brunswick. Time to adjust my clocks – again!

If that wasn’t enough, there was even a waterfall on today’s route – Kakabeka Falls about 30km from Thunder Bay is a large waterfall worth the visit. It isn’t as grand as Niagara Falls – but it’s still really big.

Finally, I made it into Thunder Bay and stayed in the University dorms of Lakehead University. A nice campus, surrounded by a not so nice city! I ventured into the city after 9:00pm, to find a fairly run-down city with prostitutes walking the streets. Eventually, I made it to the waterfront, which was lovely. Clearly the city has been working on it’s image and has really beautified the waterfront area with a really nice park. The most famous item on the waterfront is the “Sleeping Giant” a mountain that looks a bit like a giant sleeping – see below.

The old CN train station has been fixed up, and now looks really nice – see below:

The following is a collection of pictures from Thunder Bay’s Lake Superior Waterfront park:

Lastly, I like to end off these posts with a community sign – so here is the only community sign that I could find for Thunder Bay.

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